Lay Director

Cursillo (Kur-see-o) is a movement within the Church, which has been active in this diocese for 25 years.  It is a worldwide movement, known by different names in different denominations, but all with a common theme.
How is it different? For me the main important difference is that it is a course and a method of living the Christian life, designed for those who are already practising communicant members of the Church of England.
So, if you are looking perhaps for the next step on your Christian journey, then Cursillo might help you to take that step.
The word Cursillo means ‘short course’.  Most people are introduced to Cursillo by attending a weekend, or short course at Whalley Abbey. 
These weekends introduce the Cursillo method of small group reunions for prayer and faith sharing and larger diocesan meetings for fellowship.  The course is run entirely by lay people, although two priests are always present who help in the teaching and administering of the sacraments and are available to talk to folk one to one in a way that is not always easy in a parish.  They are an excellent example of how ‘collaborative’ or shared’ ministry should be.
One of the outcomes of Cursillo is that very often laity are empowered and given confidence to play a greater part in leadership roles within their parish community and their work life.  For clergy it is a great tool to help them in their ministry.
So if this might be something you are looking for: contact one of the names on the literature, or speak to someone you know who is involved with this exciting Christian movement.
Vivienne Goddard
Lay Director